michael KASSIN


I wanted to bring something different here.
I put out an email asking if people were interested in/would support a local organization that, once a month, screened good indie, foreign or "serious films." The response was instantaneous. We had almost 100 members in 6 months, and we doubled that in the next year.
For a lot of reasons I won't go into, we decided to move to the Hebrew Tabernacle Social Hall at 185th and Fort Washington this fall and changed our name to the Washington Heights Film Class. Our purpose is still the same: bring good films to good people in the Heights--films that wouldn't ordinarily make it up here. Only now we've added a discussion/education "component" to qualify for an education exemption from copyright restrictions. And a $50 class membership gets you into ALL our screenings from now through 2008.
The setting is more intimate; the folks are the same. The treats are better, the discussion is livelier. If the seats are a little harder, we can get (or you can bring) cushions. Or maybe we'll buy some padded folding chairs. We'll do everything we can to make this the best film-going experience for the best people in New York. And if you don't like something, holler.

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